Challenge to Dads

In Week 1 Explore time (Step 5) we see Jesus, the Top Leader in the story, showing that he was willing to be a servant. It is a privilege to be a father. Why not use this week to grow as a dad. Your example, as Jesus modeled, is so important to everyone around you. Even today, the best business leaders understand that being a servant is what leadership is all about.

We dare you to be a courageous dad and try to live how Jesus suggested! Here are three quick ideas you could implement this week that will greatly serve your family:

  1. Create the right atmosphere for your family to have fun, the explore the Bible story, to exercise and to grow in character.
  2. Cultivate a positive culture of affirmation. Be the first to say kind words and model being a servant father and leader.
  3. Find ways to demonstrate selfless and sacrificial love.