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Growing Deeper

Week 1: Jesus – someone important!

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It's so easy!

Gather the family for seven minutes:

Get ActiveRest and Talk
4 minutes3 minutes
Day 1Crab plank relayRead and discuss Mark 1:1-3
Day 2Plank laughing challengeRead and discuss Mark 1:4-8
Day 3Swamp walkRead and discuss Mark 1:9-11

This is the beginning of a journey through Mark’s story as we explore ‘Who is this man Jesus?’. It’s found in the Bible in Mark 1:1-11.

It’s easy! No special equipment. Just a sense of fun and an open mind!

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Day 1: Get active

Crab plank relay

Divide into two teams. Set a distance of about five meters across the room or yard and mark it. One person from each team starts in a plank position at one end of the room. On GO, they shuffle sideways across to the marker and back staying in the plank position as they go. Continue with the next person in each team until finished.

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Day 1: Rest and Talk

Jesus’ coming predicted

  • How do you prepare for visitors coming to your home?

Read Mark 1:1-3.

Predicting the future is hard. Isaiah told us Jesus was coming 700 years before He came.

  • What does this say about Jesus?

Chat to God: Take turns to pray for each other, thanking God that He knows the future for each person.

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Day 2: Get active

Plank laughing challenge

Family members take turns to do a plank while timed with a watch or phone.

Other family members who are not planking can make funny faces to try to make them laugh.

The person who planks for the longest time wins.

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Day 2: Rest and Talk

Jesus’ coming proclaimed

  • What is the best gift you have ever received?

Read Mark 1:4-8.

John was Jesus’ older cousin.

  • What made him stand out? What was his message

John proclaimed that Jesus would come with the gift of the Holy Spirit.

  • How does the Holy Spirit help us live life?

Chat to God: Find a blanket, sit closely together and wrap it around you. This is a picture of the Holy Spirit enfolding your family each day. Thank Jesus for His gift to us.

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Day 3: Get active

Swamp walk

Find a partner and get two sheets of paper. Pretend the ground is a swamp and the sheets of paper are the only dry land. One person places and moves the papers on the floor to help the other person step across the swamp.

Swap places and guide the other person across safely.

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Day 3: Rest and Talk

Jesus’ coming confirmed

  • Talk about some announcements you have heard ‘important’ people make.

Read Mark 1: 9-11.

Imagine you were there on that day when God confirmed His special messenger. Talk about what you would have seen, heard, and felt.

  • What made this moment so special?

Chat to God: Name someone within your extended family circle who needs to know this Good News of Jesus. Can you be the voice of an Isaiah, a John, or God to them this week?

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