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Growing Deeper

Week 2: Jesus – worth following!

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It's so easy!

Gather the family for seven minutes:

Get ActiveRest and Talk
4 minutes3 minutes
Day 1Running on hot lavaRead and discuss Mark 1:14-15
Day 2Burpee dice challengeRead and discuss Mark 1:16-20
Day 3Follow the leaderRead and discuss Mark 1:16-20

This is the beginning of a journey through Mark’s story as we explore ‘Who is this man Jesus?’. It’s found in the Bible in Mark 1:14-20.

It’s easy! No special equipment. Just a sense of fun and an open mind!

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Day 1: Get active

Running on hot lava

Spread out around the space. Select a leader.

When the leader says “hot lava” everyone runs on the spot as fast as they can. When the leader says “stop” everyone does squats. Repeat until everyone is breathing heavily.

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Day 1: Rest and Talk

Jesus’ message

  • Talk about a time when you received some good news.

Read Mark 1:14-15.

Jesus came proclaiming the ‘good news’.

  • What is the ‘good news’ of God?

Write five statements describing this ‘good news’ on separate pieces of paper.

Chat to God: Thank God together for each of these parts of the ‘good news’.

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Day 2: Get active

Burpee dice challenge

You will need a dice or small pieces of paper numbered 1-6 in a bowl.

Stand in a circle and take turns to roll the dice or select a piece of paper and do the number of burpees indicated. Add the total number of burpees for your family. What’s your score?

Do four rounds or continue for four minutes.

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Day 2: Rest and Talk

Jesus’ invitation to follow

  • Who are the people or teams you follow?

Read Mark 1:16-20.

  • Why do you think the disciples were so quick to follow Jesus?

List some of the qualities you would look for when choosing to follow someone.

Chat to God: Thank you that you are trustworthy to follow. Help us to follow you every day, even when it is challenging. Amen.

Move 512

Day 3: Get active

Follow the leader

Put on your favorite music. Run around in a circle. One person is the leader and uses hand claps to communicate instructions:

  • One clap – one plank
  • Two claps – two mountain-climbers
  • Three claps – three squats

Change leaders after one minute.

Explore 512

Day 3: Rest and Talk

Jesus’ task for His followers

  • Talk about a favourite memory from a fishing experience – yours or someone else’s.

Read Mark 1: 16-20.

To catch fish you need the right bait to attract them. Jesus is sending His followers out to ‘catch people’.

  • Brainstorm some ways to attract people to the ‘good news’ of Jesus.

Chat to God: Create some fish shapes out of paper. Write the names of people you know who need Jesus on each of them. Attach your ‘school of fish’ to the wall and use them as a focus for prayer this week.

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