Notes for Translators

As we increase the number of translations of the download documents it will be helpful if everyone can follow some simple guidelines. This will help to keep the documents consistent, and also to ensure that the readers have the best experience and can clearly understand the content.

Guidelines for amending the documents into a different language

  • Each 'step' is designed to fit within one page. So, where possible, please keep as close as possible to the original design
  • Please make sure that the text and the icons are in the same place and that all colours are the same as on the original English document
  • Please check that you are not using double spaces or that your text has moved out of alignment with other elements on the page
  • Please ensure that you do not have blank pages (or nearly blank pages) in the document. If you have a page that only has a couple of lines of text at the top of then please consider whether you can decrease the font size slightly, or line spacing a little, on the previous page in order to keep it on the same page
  • Please make sure that your text fits within any graphical device (for example, the circle backgrounds)
  • Please check carefully that all the text is visible and it hasn’t been obscured by icons or other graphic devices shifting in position
  • Please ensure that any hyperlinks are also present and live in the Word document and PDF. It is important that people can click on these links to view the videos.
  • Please do not ever hyphenate a hyperlink. If a hyperlink it too long to fit on one line along with the other words then move it on to a new line.
  • Please ensure that you convert your Word document to a PDF. Word documents can sometimes display differently on different computers depending on what fonts are installed. Sometimes the translation does not appear at all on a different computer, so it is essential that you create a PDF as that embeds the font.
  • When your translation is complete please send both the Word document and the PDF to [email protected] for the attention of Pedro.