Growing Together

Week 11: Do I respect my leaders?

Getting started

Help your family to be active this week with three fun sessions:

  • Involve everyone – anyone can lead!
  • Adapt for your family
  • Encourage each other
  • Challenge yourselves
  • Don’t exercise if it causes pain

Share with others:

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Warm up 512

Day 1: Warm-up

Pick up relay

Put 20 objects on the floor at one end of the room. Start at the other end and compete in pairs to pick up the most objects (one at a time) in 30 seconds. Give everyone a turn. See who can collect the most.

Rest and chat briefly.

Name some of the leaders in your life – individually and as a family.

Go deeper: What responsibilities come with being a leader?

Move 512

Day 1: Move



Put hands and feet on the ground and keep your whole body straight like a plank. Move one knee up towards your elbows and then move foot back to the starting position. Repeat with other leg.

Do 50 repetitions. Rest after every 10.

Go easier: Reduce the number of repetitions to five at a time.

Go harder: Increase the number of repetitions to 80.

Challenge 512

Day 1: Challenge

Time challenge

Measure the total time it takes for every person to complete 10 of each of the following movements:

Sit up 900
knee push ups
Right leg (1)
  • 10 mountain-climbers
  • 10 sit-ups
  • 10 push-ups
  • 10 lunges

After each 10 movements, tap out for the next person to take over.

Go easier: Do five of each movement.

Go harder: Increase the number of rounds.

Explore 512

Day 1: Explore

Leaders watch over us

Read Hebrews 13:17 from the Bible.

We know that leaders are human and can make mistakes. This verse reminds us how we should respond to those with authority over us. It is written about leaders in the church but also applies to leaders in our community.

What are the responsibilities of a leader? Write each responsibility on a piece of paper and stick it to a household object. Have a family member stand in the middle representing a leader. Place each object in their hands one at a time. How many can they hold?

Why is their job so difficult?

Give thanks for all the leaders in your life. Pray for the leaders of your church whom God has placed over you to teach you about God.

Play 512

Day 1: Play

Web trap game

Get three or more chairs and some string or ribbon. Tie the string between the chairs to create a web. Then try to walk or crawl through the strings without moving the chairs or dislodging the string.

See how many different arrangements you can make and get through!

Play Video

Health Tip

Eat well.

Warm up 512

Day 2: Warm-up

Push-up and run fast

Work in pairs. One partner does three push-ups while the other runs on the spot. Swap movements. Don’t stop until each person completes a total of 15 push-ups.

Rest and talk together.

What does it mean to submit to and respect our leaders?

Go deeper: When does it become hard to respect our leaders?

Move 512

Day 2: Move



Work in pairs with a small object like a ball. Both start in the plank position.

One person does six mountain-climbers and then passes the object to the other person. The second person completes the mountain-climbers and then passes the object back. Do this four times.

Rest between rounds.

Complete three rounds.

Go easier: Do only four mountain-climbers before passing the object.

Challenge 512

Day 2: Challenge

Mountain-climber / superman challenge

Girl doing supermans.02

One person does a superman hold with arms and legs off the floor while the other person does 20 mountain-climbers. Swap.

Do two rounds. Time yourselves.

Go easier: Relax and repeat the superman hold.

Go harder: Increase the number of mountain-climbers.

Explore 512

Day 2: Explore

Submit to those in authority

Read Hebrews 13:17.

Make a poster for your wall. Write the letters from the word ‘RESPECT’ vertically on one side of your poster. Create a sentence that begins with each letter that describes what it looks like to show respect to your leaders. What can you do this week to respect a leader in your life?

Make a set of prayer cards for your meal table. Write the name of a leader on each card. Pray for them now and after a meal each day this week.

Play 512

Day 2: Play

Paper islands

Stand in a big circle with paper sheets on the floor as islands in the middle. Everyone moves around the circle until the leader says “islands”. Everyone must stand on an island. If they cannot, they stand at the side. More than one person can be on an island at a time if they can balance.

After each round, take an island away. Continue until one island is left. Have fun!

Play Video

Health Tip

Eat well.

Make a menu that includes a variety of meat and vegetables.

Warm up 512

Day 3: Warm-up

Run and mime

Give each person a number and jog around your space. When everyone is moving person 1 shouts out an object such as ‘car’. Everyone else mimes something to do with that object (for example, act like you are driving a car). You only have five seconds to respond and mime the object.

Everyone starts running again until person 2 shouts out a different object and everyone mimes it. Do six rounds.

Rest and chat briefly.

Talk about a time when a leader was encouraged by something you said or did.

Go deeper: How could showing respect to our leaders benefit us?

Move 512

Day 3: Move



Do as many mountain-climbers as you can in 30 seconds. Rest for 30 seconds. Complete four rounds.

How many were you able to do in total?

Go harder: Increase the number of rounds to six.

Challenge 512

Day 3: Challenge

Straight leg walking race

Measure out a course of 10-20 meters. Walk laps of the course with straight legs. No bending your knees!

See how many laps you can complete in two minutes. Who did the most?

Go easier: Do it as a relay.

Go harder: Increase the distance.

Explore 512

Day 3: Explore

Respecting leaders helps us

Read Hebrews 13:17.

Bring some joy to one of your leaders by sending a letter or email to them. Talk together about what you want to say to encourage them in their role. Thank them for watching over you.

How might you feel after you have sent it?

Sometimes leaders do not bring joy. Get two sticks and place them on the floor in the form of a cross. If there is a leader you know who is struggling, pray for them together as you remember the example of Jesus in praying for others.

Play 512

Day 3: Play

Don’t get caught

One person is ‘leader’. They turn their back to the rest of the family. The other family members do an exercise while the leader is not looking (high knees, skipping in place, jumping jacks, and so on). When the leader turns around, everyone must freeze. If someone is caught moving, they become the new leader.

Play Video

Health Tip

Eat well.

Keep sweet treats as special treats, not as part of your everyday diet.

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