Celebration Week

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This week: Celebration


You have finished the first season of family.fit.

Watch out for other seasons coming in a new, easy to use format.

We hope you can see changes in your family. Perhaps you are healthier and fitter. Maybe you are more positive and more connected. Perhaps you have had a breakthrough as a family in forgiveness or communication, kindness or courage.

Let’s celebrate what God is doing!

If you can, get together with other families. Let’s combine fitness, faith, fun and food, and celebrate before we start the next season of family.fit.


Celebration ideas

Meet together as a family. Look at these ideas and come up with a plan to celebrate finishing the first season of family.fit.

Design the event to suit your current situation. If you’re in lockdown, try and connect in creative ways. Use Zoom® or Skype® to connect for the celebration.

Include these elements:

  1. Families in your neighborhood
  2. Fitness
  3. Fun
  4. Faith
  5. Food

Choose ideas from below to get started.

1. Other Families

Invite other families

Think of some other families you can get together with to celebrate. They could be people who have done family.fit or people who could start next season.

If you cannot come together face to face, then connect over Zoom® or Skype® or out your window.

Pray for them

Pray for the other families you invite. Invite someone isolated or elderly. They would love to be part of your family for the celebration.

Make invitations

Make the invitations fun. You could make a fun video message. You could draw and write an invitation card. You could set a challenge to the other family.

2. Fitness

Choose some fitness elements

Look over the past 12 weeks of fitness and pick three different challenges you can do with other families.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

Watch this video.

Play Video

Watch this video.

Play Video

Watch this video.

Play Video

Make up a challenge

Each family who has done family.fit could make up a challenge to show the other families. Use at least two movements in the challenge.

Design a competition

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Take one of the challenges and make it competitive. It could be children versus parents or male versus female. It could be family versus family. Think what would work best and be fun.

3. Fun


Choose a venue for your celebration. It might be a park, your home or a hall. Now make it look fun and special. Be creative!

Fun games and sports

Plan for some fun games that everyone knows and loves. For example, frisbee, football, cricket or tag.

Choose a family.fit game

Think back over the last 12 weeks and choose some games to play that involve everyone. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Watch this video.

Play Video

Watch this video.

Play Video

Watch this video.

Play Video

4. Faith

Share how you have grown

Share with other families how your family has grown and changed in the last months. What positive things are happening? What have you learned?

Open the Bible together

Choose a theme that really helped your family. Read this scripture again and complete some of the activities and questions with other families.

Watch a Max7 video together

Look at one of these videos and discuss the themes (see Max7.org):

Watch this video.

Play Video

Watch this video.

Play Video

5. Food

Every family bring a meal

Each family bring a favorite meal to share with other families. If you can’t meet together, share a favorite recipe with other families.

Prepare healthy food together

Find some simple recipes for some healthy foods and drinks to make together.

For example:

  • Make a drink using fresh fruit
  • Make a healthy snack

Cook a meal together

Have a barbecue, make a curry or other home cooked meal where families bring ingredients to cook together.

A new look family.fit is coming

Season 2 will start in Week 14. This is a new family.fit season to help you to continue to grow your family, your fitness, your faith and your fun!

All new SEASON 2

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Things to look forward to:

  • A simpler layout with five steps.
  • New design and easier layout.
  • Smaller files to be able to share.
  • Great new fitness activities and challenges.
  • New engaging Bible discussions.

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