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Discerning good from bad!

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Ajude sua família a ser ativa esta semana com três sessões divertidas:

  • Envolva todos - qualquer um pode liderar!
  • Adapte-se à sua família
  • Incentive um ao outro
  • Desafie-se
  • Não faça exercícios se causar dor

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Warm up 512

Dia 1: Aquecimento

Aquecimento de cantos

Identifique os cantos da sala com os números de 1 a 4. Cada pessoa começa em um canto diferente e faz um aquecimento diferente. Mova-se pela sala para o próximo número. Faça duas rodadas.

  1. 10 polichinelos
  2. 10 back heels kicking
  3. 10 abdominais
  4. 10 agachamentos

Descansem e conversem juntos.

When have you worn a disguise?

Vá mais fundo: When did you meet someone who turned out to be a different person to the one you thought they were?

Move 512

Dia 1: Mover

Wall push-ups

wall push ups_2 900

Stand with arms outstretched towards a wall. Lean forwards, place palms on the wall, bend elbows and push back to standing position.

Complete 10 wall push-ups and rest. Do three rounds.

Vá mais fácil: Do less rounds.

Vá mais difícil: Do more rounds.

Challenge 512

Dia 1: Desafio finale

Complete the season with a challenge that includes all we’ve learned!

In pairs complete these movements as fast as possible, but with good technique:

  • 20 seconds of planks and superman
  • 20 burpees, dips, speed skaters, lunges, push-ups, sit-ups, mountain-climbers, squats.

Faça três rodadas.

Don’t forget to use a timer!

Compare your score to last season.

Explore 512

Dia 1: Explorar

True friends

Read Matthew 7:15-16 from the Bible.

Jesus has just described two paths to follow in life. Now He reminds us that there are many who would try to guide us along the wrong path. Beware of these ‘friends’. You can tell who they are by the ‘fruit’ of their lives.

Each person finds something in the house to wear as a disguise to change their appearance.

Talk about some of the ways your good friends have been a positive influence in your life and how other friends have been a negative influence.

Converse com Deus: Find a pair of glasses (real or pretend). Each person has a turn wearing the glasses while the rest of the family prays these words: “Lord, please give us clear eyes to see when people aren’t who they make themselves to be. Give us all wisdom to discern.”

Play 512

Dia 1: Jogar

Find the fruit

Stand in a circle with a person in the middle. Pass a piece of fruit from hand to hand behind your backs and stop from time to time to see if the person in the middle knows where the fruit is. Swap places if they guess correctly.

“By their fruit you will recognize them.”

Reflect: How did you know who had the fruit? How do we know who is living for Jesus?

Dica de saúde

Durma o suficiente todos os dias.

Warm up 512

Dia 2: Aquecimento

Mova-se para a música

Coloque alguma música favorita. Repita esses movimentos até que a música termine:

  • 10 correndo no local
  • 5 agachamentos
  • 10 correndo no local
  • 5 agachamentos com palmas acima da cabeça

Descansem e conversem juntos.

Name your three favorite fruits and say why.

Vá mais fundo: What causes some trees to go ‘bad’? How is this similar for people?

Move 512

Dia 2: Mover

Partner push-ups

partner push ups

The key to a good push-up is keeping your body in a straight line and your elbows close to your side.

Face your partner on the floor with your knees on the ground and your hands in line with your shoulders. Do a push-up at the same time and then give each other a one-handed ‘high five’.

Complete 10 and rest. Do two rounds.

Vá mais fácil: Keep the same technique from your knees (instead of your toes).

Vá mais difícil: Complete extra rounds.

Challenge 512

Dia 2: Desafio

Who is faster?


Meça o tempo total que cada pessoa leva para completar 10 de cada um dos seguintes movimentos:

  • 10 alpinistas
  • 10 abdominais
  • 10 flexões
  • 10 estocadas

Após cada 10 movimentos, toque para que a próxima pessoa assuma.

Vá mais fácil: Faça cinco de cada movimento.

Vá mais difícil: Aumenta o número de rodadas.

Explore 512

Dia 2: Explorar

Good or bad fruit

Read Matthew 7:17-18.

Good fruit comes from good trees. Draw a tree with different fruit on it. Write names of family members on the pieces of fruit with a description of something good you see in that person’s life.

How do we keep our lives healthy and producing good fruit?

Converse com Deus: Looking at your drawing, thank God for each family member and pray for a plentiful harvest of good fruit in their life.

Play 512

Dia 2: Jogar

Opposite game

One person is the leader. Whatever command they give, everyone else does the opposite. ‘Hands up’ means hands down. ‘Hands to the left’ means hands to the right. ‘Squat low’ means jump high and so on.

Swap leaders so everyone has a turn.

Have fun!

Dica de saúde

Get enough sleep each day. Don’t discuss difficult issues just before bed. Worries can keep you awake.

Warm up 512

Dia 3: Aquecimento


Compete in pairs. Try to touch your opponent’s knees as many times as you can in 60 seconds while you protect your own with your hands and body position. Change partners and try again.

Now go further and try to touch everyone else’s knees while protecting your own.

Descansem e conversem juntos.

Name some of the most useful items in your home. Name useless items too.

Vá mais fundo: Why are we sad when we have to discard something?

Move 512

Dia 3: Mover

Push-up pyramid

push up process FINAL 900

Start with one push-up. Rest briefly. Do two push-ups and rest, then three push-ups and rest. Continue all the way to 10 push-ups. Once you get to 10, work your way back down to one again. If you do the whole pyramid, you will have completed 100 push-ups. Wow!

Vá mais fácil: Push-up against a wall, table or on knees.

Challenge 512

Dia 3: Desafio

Paper road

Work in teams. The whole team needs to reach the other side of the room and return back to the starting point.

Each team has three small pieces of paper. The team can move only by stepping on the papers. If any of the team members touch the ground with any part of their body, the whole team must do five push-ups together and then continue moving.

How many times can you cross the room in five minutes?

Explore 512

Dia 3: Explorar

Useful or useless

Read Matthew 7:19-20.

Jesus wants us to be fruitful in our lives. Hold a piece of fruit as you talk together as a family about ways to live lives that support each other, serve others and build the Kingdom.

Gather your pieces of fruit into a bowl and leave this in a common space this week as a reminder of your fruitfulness.

Converse com Deus: Begin with a moment of silent reflection as you confess to God the times your lives have not produced the good fruit Jesus is talking about here. Pray together for family and friends.

Play 512

Dia 3: Jogar

Taste test

Identifying foods by their smell and taste is called discerning. Some fruit is easier to discern than others.

All but one person puts on a blindfold. Give each person different foods or drinks to taste and identify. Be creative!

Reflect: Were some foods or drinks easier to identify? Why? What is discernment? How can we discern if someone is good or bad? Pray together for discernment.

Dica para pais

Have a fixed routine before bed for your children. This will help them settle into a calm state ready for sleep.

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