Growing Together

Week 8: Am I trustworthy?

Getting started

Help your family to be active this week with three fun sessions:

  • Involve everyone – anyone can lead!
  • Adapt for your family
  • Encourage each other
  • Challenge yourselves
  • Don’t exercise if it causes pain

Share with others:

  • Post a photo or video on social media and tag with #familyfit or @familyfitnessfaithfun
  • Do with another family
Warm up 512

Day 1: Warm-up

Junkyard dog

One person sits on the floor with legs out to the front and arms out to the side. The others jump over the arm, the legs and the second arm. Everybody jumps two rounds and changes places so everybody gets to jump.

Play Video

Rest and chat briefly.

What does it mean to be trustworthy?

Go deeper: How do you know if someone is trustworthy?

Move 512

Day 1: Move


lunge process

Stand straight with hands on hips. Step forward with one leg and lower your hips until your front knee is bent at 90 degrees. Alternate legs.

Practice lunges in pairs facing each other. Start slowly and carefully.

Do four rounds of 10 repetitions with 30 seconds pause between each round.

Go harder: Increase number of repetitions.

Challenge 512

Day 1: Challenge

Spin the bottle

Write labels for the six movements below (one per card) and place in a circle. One person spins a bottle and does the movement it points to. Tap to the next family member.

Challenge: 100 movements as a family.

  • 5 lunges
  • 5 squats
  • 5 burpees
  • 5 speed skaters
  • 5 supermans
  • 10 mountain-climbers
Play Video

Go harder: Increase the total number of movements to 150 or 200.

Explore 512

Day 1: Explore

Qualities of a trustworthy person

Read Luke 12:42-48 from the Bible.

After teaching his disciples that they should seek treasure that will last rather than the things of this world, Jesus speaks about being trustworthy and ready.

Note: You may need to modify the wording of the story for younger children.


In today’s passage, a master gives someone the responsibility of being a manager. What words does Jesus choose to describe this person?

Do the trust test. Choose a ‘catcher’ and take turns to stand with your eyes closed and fall backwards towards your ‘catcher’. Why did you trust them? Why do you trust other people?

Play 512

Day 1: Play

Mime a story

Everyone except one person leaves the room. That person selects a Bible story and then mimes it to the second person who enters the room so they can guess what it is. This person will then mime it to another person who enters. It goes on in this manner until the last person enters the room and has to guess the Bible story.

Play Video

Health Tip

Reduce technology ‘screen time’.

Warm up 512

Day 2: Warm-up

Tail competition

Everyone wears a scarf or small towel as a ‘tail’ tucked in at the back. The goal is to collect as many tails as you can, while protecting your own. If you lose your tail, do five push-ups and continue the game. Have fun.

Play Video

Rest and talk together.

Share some of the responsibilities that others trust you to do.

Go deeper: What are the benefits of being trustworthy?

Move 512

Day 2: Move

Slow deep lunges

Right leg
left leg

Practice the slow lunge. Today our focus is on tempo.

Step forward with one leg and count to five as you slowly lower your hips until your back knee touches the ground. Stand up quickly. Repeat for the other leg.

Be a tortoise, not a rabbit!

Repeat five times per leg.

Go easier: Count to three as you lower your knee to the ground.

Challenge 512

Day 2: Challenge

Tic Tac Toe

Make a Tic Tac Toe game board on the ground before you start (use tape or rope).

Work in two teams. Each team is given a challenge such as 10 squats or 10 lunges. When completed, two people run and place their piece on the tic-tac-toe game. Continue with new challenges until the game is won.

Play Video

Go harder: Do more repetitions of each movement.

Explore 512

Day 2: Explore

Rewards for a trustworthy person

Read Luke 12:42-48.

Reread the story. What was the reward for the trustworthy servant? Choose an edible ‘reward’ your family can enjoy at the end of this session.

What ‘non-edible’ rewards do you receive when you are trusted?

What would you like your family to be known for in your neighborhood?

Get into a team huddle – a tight circle with arms on each other’s shoulders. Pray that God would help your family to have a reputation of being trusted.

Play 512

Day 2: Play

Catch the airplane

Make a paper airplane. Stand in a circle. One player throws the airplane to another person. When they catch the airplane, they should name a person they can trust. Continue playing until everyone has had a turn.

Ask each person to think about why they can trust the people they named.

Play Video

Health Tip

Try not to use technology to ‘babysit’ children on car trips or at restaurants.

Use these times to talk, discover and learn.

Warm up 512

Day 3: Warm-up

Warm-up to music

Put on some favorite music. Do laps of the following around your space until the music ends:

  • Jogging
  • High knees running
  • Back heels kicking
  • Frog jumping
Play Video

Share a time when someone you trusted let you down.

Go deeper: Describe the feelings that arise when trust is broken.

Move 512

Day 3: Move

Weighted lunges

lunge process

Add weight to the lunge. Wear a backpack with a book in it or hold water bottles in your hands. Think creatively but remember to keep a proper technique.

Complete two sets of 10 repetitions. Rest 30 seconds between sets.

Go harder: Do more sets or carry more weight.

Challenge 512

Day 3: Challenge

Plank and lunge challenge

Right leg
plank trim

Work with a partner. While one person is in a plank position the other does lunges. Change places after 10 lunges on each leg.

Do four rounds.

Go easier: Do five lunges on each leg.

Go harder: Add weights to your lunges.

Explore 512

Day 3: Explore

Consequences of not being trustworthy

Read Luke 12:42-48.

Look at the serious consequences for the manager who was not worthy of trust. Find a measuring object such as a ruler or a jug. If you want to, hold the object and talk about a time when you were not trustworthy (did not measure up).

Discuss what needs to happen in order to restore trust. Which of the managers are you most like in Jesus’ story?

Read together the last sentence from the passage and then say this prayer together:

“Lord, help us to keep our promises and be honest so that our words always match our actions.”

Play 512

Day 3: Play

Trust walk

Work in pairs. One person is blindfolded while the other gives instructions to get to a goal. Put some obstacles out to make it more challenging. If possible do it outside.

Play Video

Health Tip

Turn screens off at least 60 minutes before bed to allow the brain to prepare for sleep

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