Growing Wiser

Growing by praying!

Getting started

Help your family to be active this week with three fun sessions:

  • Involve everyone – anyone can lead!
  • Adapt for your family
  • Encourage each other
  • Challenge yourselves
  • Don’t exercise if it causes pain

Share with others:

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Warm up 512

Day 1: Warm-up

Running on hot lava

Spread out around a space. Select a leader. When the leader says “hot lava” everyone runs on the spot as fast as they can. When the leader says “stop” everyone does squats. Repeat until everyone is breathing heavily.

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Rest and talk together.

What would you like for your next birthday?

Go deeper: What is the difference between a need and a want?

Move 512

Day 1: Move

Slow squats

squat process is about fun, but correct technique is important too!

Complete five squats as follows:

  • Take five seconds to descend as low as you can
  • Hold for three seconds
  • Stand up fast in one second

Complete three sets. Rest as needed.

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Go easier: Squat onto a low chair.

Go harder: Increase to seven squats per set.

Challenge 512

Day 1: Challenge

Bowl of burpees

Each family member writes or draws a personal prayer need on a piece of paper and places it in a bowl. Take turns to pick a prayer need and read it aloud. Everyone completes seven burpees before someone prays for that need.

Continue until all needs are prayed for and all burpees done.

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Explore 512

Day 1: Explore

God knows our needs

Read Matthew 6:5-8 from the Bible.

Jesus emphasizes the importance of communicating with God who is our loving heavenly Father. He teaches us how to pray and gives us a pattern to follow.

Have one person stand on a chair with arms stretched upwards and pray in a loud voice, “God you are great and I am here to worship you today”. Another person kneels with head bowed and prays the same prayer silently.

In these verses Jesus talks about different ways of praying.
How does verse 8 help our understanding?

Chat to God: Talk together about what each of you ‘need’ today. Then go to your room and close the door. Spend some time in silent prayer asking your Heavenly Father for these needs.

Play 512

Day 1: Play

What’s the time, Mr Wolf?

One person is Mr Wolf and stands at one end with their back to the other players. The others stand on the starting line and shout “What’s the time, Mr Wolf?” Mr Wolf responds with a number from 1-12, for example “It’s two o’clock”. The players take two steps towards the wolf. They continue to ask the question and take steps until the wolf responds, “It’s dinner time”. All players try to run back to the starting line without getting caught by the wolf. Take turns to be the wolf.

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Health tip

Eat well.

Warm up 512

Day 2: Warm-up

Junkyard dog

One person sits on the floor with legs out to the front and arms out to the side. The others jump over the arm, the legs and the second arm. Everybody jumps two rounds and changes places so everybody gets to jump.

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Rest and talk together.

Do you know the meaning of your name, or why your parents chose it?

Go deeper: In what ways do you hear God’s name being respected or disrespected in your community?

Move 512

Day 2: Move

Partner squats

partner squats 900

Stand facing a partner. Hold each other’s wrists and squat at the same time. Do three rounds of 10 squats.

Play Video

Go easier: Complete three sets of eight squats.

Go harder: Increase squats to 15 per round.

Challenge 512

Day 2: Challenge

20, 15, 10 and 5

Start with ‘high fives’, then do:

  • 20 jumping jacks
  • 15 lunges
  • 10 push-ups
  • 5 squats

End with ‘high fives’.

Do three rounds with no rest between them.

Go harder: Increase number of rounds.

Explore 512

Day 2: Explore

God knows what is best

Read Matthew 6:9-15.

The first half of this pattern for prayer is focused on God:

God’s name – How can we keep God’s name holy and honor Him in our lives?

God’s kingdom – Describe some of the good things happening in your community or the world that reflect God’s heart.

God’s will – Talk about what God might want to do through your family this week.

Chat to God: Hold hands in a circle as you ask God together to help you to do His will. Finish by reciting verses 9 and 10, adding actions for ‘name’, ‘kingdom’ and ‘will’.

Play 512

Day 2: Play

Sequence memory

Everyone faces a leader who thinks of three or more different workout movements in a sequence (for example, jumping jacks, lunges, jogging). The leader demonstrates the sequence of movements and the others mimic the routine in the right order as quickly as possible. Whoever is first to complete the sequence correctly becomes the next leader.

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Health tip

Plan for success.

Set goals together as a family and start making plans for how to accomplish them.

Warm up 512

Day 3: Warm-up

Dance and freeze

Put on some up-tempo music. Everyone dances using their whole bodies. Take turns to stop the music. Everyone freezes when it stops and then does 10 speed skaters (bend and touch knee with opposite hand).

Repeat until everyone is breathing heavily.

Play Video

Rest and talk together.

What is one thing you would enjoy eating every day of your life?

Go deeper: What do our bodies need every day?

Move 512

Day 3: Move

Weighted squats

squat process

It’s important to add weight to the squat if you can. Take turns to grab a backpack, a large water bottle (or a child!) and complete 10 squats. Encourage each other!

Do three rounds.

Go easier: Do five squats each round.

Go harder: Increase to 15 squats each round.

Challenge 512

Day 3: Challenge

Race and pray

Bear walk – Walk face down with feet and hands on the floor.

Crab walk – Walk face up with feet and hands on the floor.

Form two teams and find a timer. On “go”, one person from each team does a bear walk across the room to a piece of paper and does 10 lunges. They draw something on the paper they would like the family to pray for and crab walk back. Continue until each person has drawn three prayer pictures. Which team won? Pray together for the needs you have drawn.

Play Video

Increase or decrease the number of lunges as needed.

Explore 512

Day 3: Explore

Ask God for what you need

In this pattern for prayer, there are four specific requests which Jesus encourages us to make.

Talk about what each of them mean and look like in your everyday life.

Gather four objects in your house to remind you of them and use them as you recite these verses together.

In this pattern for prayer, there are four specific requests which Jesus encourages us to make.

Talk about what each of them mean and look like in your everyday life.

Gather four objects in your house to remind you of them and use them as you recite these verses together.

Chat to God: Jesus finishes His pattern for prayer with a strong reminder of the need to forgive others. Is there someone you need to forgive today? Make this the focus for your prayer – silently or together.

Play 512

Day 3: Play

Pay it back

Stand opposite a partner. One person is ‘A’ and the other ‘B’. Player A touches Player B (for example, a shoulder tap). Player B repeats that action back to A and adds a second action (for example, a shoulder tap and a head touch). Continue adding actions until one player cannot remember the sequence correctly.

Play Video

Reflect: How did you feel during this game? Did it seem like retaliation? Is there someone you still need to forgive?

Tip for parents

PKeeping positive, having a routine and trying to get some one-to-one time with each child when you can, will help you manage your children’s behavior and your feelings.

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