Week 2: Being Courageous

How this works

As a family, do some physical exercise three days a week (though even once is helpful!). If you can do it more often, then do other types of exercise too – walking, jogging, riding, skating, or swimming.

Each week of family.fit has a theme. The focus this week is being courageous. Each step below helps you explore the theme together.

Each session is an adventure made up of seven steps.

There are three options for each step, giving three days of exercise programming.

Remember anyone in the household can take the phone and lead a different step in the adventure.

Have fun together!


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1 warmup

Step 1: Warm-up

Start moving the whole body: 5 minutes

Do the following whole-body warm-ups

Day 1 — Warm-up to music

Put on some up-tempo music and do the following (five rounds):

  • 20 running on the spot
  • 5 squats
  • 20 high knees running
  • 5 to the floor - to the sky

Watch this video.

Play Video

Day 2 — Warm-up to music

Do the same as Day 1.

Day 3 — Tidy up with a song

Put on a favorite up-tempo song. As the music plays, everyone must pick up things and put them away - toys, papers, cups and mess. Move quickly and enjoy the hard work for about four minutes.

1 warmup

Step 2: Talk together

Rest and start a conversation: 5 minutes

Sit down together and start a conversation. Here are some questions to get you started.

Day 1 — Discuss

What scares you?

How have you tried to be courageous when facing a fear?

Day 2 — Discuss

Tell of a time you helped someone else when they were afraid. Or when someone helped you.

What difference does it make to be courageous with someone else, rather than on your own?

Day 3 — Discuss

What do you need courage for today or this week?

Can you think of ways to face it together as a family and find the courage you need?

1 warmup

Step 3: Move

Move and do sit-ups: 5 minutes

Learn and practice sit-ups to help your core muscles.

Day 1 — Practice the sit-up

Watch this video

Play Video

Practice this movement in pairs. Start slowly and carefully.

Day 2 — Sit-ups and squats

Work in pairs. One person does sit-ups then taps to the other person. Alternate between five sit-ups and five squats.

Five rounds.

Day 3 — Try other types of sit-ups

Watch this video for easier scaled sit-ups.

Play Video

Practice them together.

  • Do the crunch
  • Do sit-ups with hands
1 warmup

Step 4: Challenge

Move in a family challenge: 10 minutes

Challenging each other helps give you energy.

Day 1 — Family challenge

Watch this video

Play Video

Sit in a circle facing each other. Do 50 sit-ups as a family. One person starts to do sit-up repetitions. Tap out to the next person when you need a break.

After 50 sit-ups, run as a family to a marker and back. Run to pace of slowest runner. Then start sit-ups again. Do three rounds of 50.

Day 2 — Color relay

Choose a favorite color together. Each person must run and collect five pieces of clothing or objects of that color, one piece at a time and bring it back to the starting point. Race against the clock.

Day 3 — Family challenge

Repeat the activity from Day 1 but try to do five rounds.

1 warmup

Step 5: Explore

Explore the Bible together: 5 minutes

Explore the Life Question - “How can I develop courage?”

Optional video: Jesus calms the storm

Play Video

Day 1 — Read and discuss together

Imagine yourself in the boat. How do you think you would feel?

What do you think about Jesus?

What are you facing now that makes you feel the same way as the disciples?

Day 2 — Reread and discuss together

Act out the story and use anything nearby to help you.

When things get difficult, who do you turn to?

What do you think this story tells us about Jesus?

Day 3 — Reread the Bible verse

Write down a situation where you will need courage in the next few days. Scrunch up the paper and throw it as far as possible. As you do it, you might want to pray and ask God to be with you and give you courage.

1 warmup

Step 6: Pray

Pray and cool down: 5 minutes

Take time to look outwards and pray for others.

Day 1 — Stretching prayers

Watch the video below on stretching and complete some of the body stretches.

Pray for each other as you stretch.

Play Video

Day 2 — Pray for friends or neighbors

Think of family friends or neighbors. Imagine what might make them afraid.

Pray for them. Then call or send a message to encourage them.

Day 3 — Health and nutrition

Look at a glass of clean water together. It is clear, and often free and plentiful. Think about all the things that fresh water gives us.

Find out why water is good for the body.

Fact: your body is mostly made up of water. You need to replace water that you lose every day.

How many big glasses of water do you need to drink each day?

1 warmup

Step 7: Play together

Play games as a family: 5 minutes

Play together in active challenges (involving agility, speed and cardio) and quiet games.

Day 1 — Relay

Mark the length of the relay. Each person must do a lap of each movement and tap the next in line. Examples: Run, hop, side steps, lunges, run backwards)

Time the family on stopwatch.

Watch this video.

Play Video

Day 2 — Play a game

Play an active game (or board game) familiar to the family. Have fun!

Day 3 — Ninja course

Set up a new course to follow. Use the space you have inside or outside (for example, run to the tree/chair, leap over the path/rug, etc.) Be creative!

Take turns to get through the Ninja course as quickly as possible. Use a stopwatch to time each person.

Watch this video.

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