Week 3: Lasting Hope

How this works

As a family, do some physical exercise three days a week (though even once is helpful!). If you can do it more often, then do other types of exercise too – walking, jogging, riding, skating, or swimming.

Each week of family.fit has a theme. The focus this week is lasting hope. Each step below helps you explore the theme together.

Each session is an adventure made up of seven steps.

There are three options for each step, giving three days of exercise programming.

Remember anyone in the household can take the phone and lead a different step in the adventure.

Have fun together!


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1 warmup

Step 1: Warm-up

Start moving the whole body: 5 minutes

Do the following whole-body warm-ups

Day 1 — Junkyard dog

One person sits on the floor with legs out to the front and arms out to the side. Each person jumps over the arm, the legs and the second arm. Everybody jumps two rounds and changes places so everybody gets to jump.

Watch this video.

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Day 2 — Follow the leader

Go for a short jog around the house or yard while everyone follows a chosen leader. Try to go to every room or space. The leader can change movements, eg. side steps or high knees. Swap leaders.

Day 3 — Junkyard dog video

Repeat Day 1 activity. Do three rounds each.

Watch this video.

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1 warmup

Step 2: Talk together

Rest and start a conversation: 5 minutes

Sit down together and start a conversation. Here are some questions to get you started.

Day 1 — Discuss

Can you remember a time when something you hoped for did not happen?

What were your feelings?

What are you hoping for right now?

Day 2 — Discuss

What have been some memorable surprises in your life?

What made them so special and memorable?

Day 3 — Discuss

If you hope for something and it doesn’t happen, you will be disappointed. So why should we have hope?

How can you have hope when what you want is outside your control?

1 warmup

Step 3: Move

Move and do lunges: 5 minutes

Learn and practice lunges to help your core muscles.

Day 1 — Practice the lunge

Watch this video.

Play Video

Practice this movement in pairs. Start slowly and carefully.

Day 2 — Lunge relay

One person does a lunge walk around a chair and back, then taps another person to do the lunge walk.

Everyone does ski-jumps together.

Two rounds.

Watch this video.

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Day 3 — Partner squat

Stand facing a partner. Hold each other’s wrists. Squat at the same time.

Three rounds of 10.

Watch this video.

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1 warmup

Step 4: Challenge

Move in a family challenge: 10 minutes

Challenging each other helps give you energy.

Day 1 — Family challenge

Watch this video

Play Video

Write labels for the six movements below (one per card) and place in a circle. One person spins a bottle and does the movement it points to. Tap to the next family member.

Challenge: 100 movements as a family.

5 lunges, 5 squats, 5 jumping jacks, 10 ski-jumps, 5 sit-ups, 10 high knees

Day 2 — Tabata

Listen to the Tabata music.

Everyone does sit-ups for 20 seconds then rests for 10 seconds. Everyone squats for 20 seconds then rests for 10 seconds.

Eight rounds.

Day 3 — Family challenge

Repeat the activity from Day 1.

Challenge: complete 150 movements.

1 warmup

Step 5: Explore

Explore the Bible together: 5 minutes

Explore the Life Question - “What does hope look like?”

Day 1 — Read and discuss together

Hope died.

During His time on earth, crowds of people gathered to see and hear Jesus. Why were people so interested in Jesus? What were they hoping for?

Can you imagine some of their feelings on the day He died?

Day 2 — Reread and discuss together

Hope alive.

God had a much bigger plan when Jesus died on the cross. How does God raising Jesus from the dead give you hope?

Take turns to read or recite the words in bold from the reading (verse 16), adding your own actions as a reminder of the hope that God has given us in Jesus.

Day 3 — Reread the Bible verse

Hope eternal.

What does hope mean or look like for you as a family?

‘Eternal’ is not a widely used word. How would you explain it?

In light of the circumstances we face today, how might the promise of eternal life shape your life?

1 warmup

Step 6: Pray

Pray and cool down: 5 minutes

Take time to look outwards and pray for others.

Day 1 — Fold a cross

Try folding and making your own paper cross. As each person in the household tears their paper into a cross shape silently, remember and thank Jesus in your own way.

Watch this video.

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Day 2 — Prayer of hope

Write a prayer with each line beginning with a letter of the word ‘HOPE’. You can write it on your cross. Read them to each other as you pray.

Day 3 — Pray and stretch

Jesus offers hope to those who believe in Him. Many still don’t know Him or have that hope. Pray for yourself, or some of your family and friends to find hope in Jesus.

1 warmup

Step 7: Play together

Play games as a family: 5 minutes

Play together in active challenges. Have fun!

Day 1 — Tag

One player is IN. This person runs around an area to try and tag another person. Once tagged, the new person is IN and tags another. If a player is doing squats they cannot be tagged (three squat maximum). Change taggers regularly.

Day 2 — Flip-flop relay

Watch this video.

Play Video

Work in pairs. One will be the walker, the other will move the flip-flops. The walker walks slowly across the room while the other person moves the two flip-flops so that the walker always steps on a flip-flop. Swap places.

Three rounds.

In the last round the walker can have their eyes closed. What happens?

Day 3 — Trust fall

The smallest family member falls backwards and is caught by the others. Swap places.

Watch this video.

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