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Ajude sua família a ser ativa esta semana com três sessões divertidas:

  • Envolva todos - qualquer um pode liderar!
  • Adapte-se à sua família
  • Incentive um ao outro
  • Desafie-se
  • Não faça exercícios se causar dor

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Warm up 512

Dia 1: Aquecimento

Cachorro de ferro-velho

Uma pessoa se senta no chão com as pernas para a frente e os braços para os lados. Os outros saltam sobre o braço, as pernas e o segundo braço. Todo mundo pula dois rounds e muda de lugar, então todo mundo pula.

Descansem e conversem juntos.

Describe someone you would say is really kind.

Vá mais fundo: How is compassion different from kindness? Give an example.

Move 512

Dia 1: Mover

Patinadores de velocidade lenta

speed skater process 600

Practice speed skaters to develop leg and core strength. Bend and touch the knee with the opposite hand (one repetition). Start slow then increase speed and make the movements fluid.

Faça seis. Descanse e faça 12. Descanse e faça 18.

Vá mais fácil: Decrease the number of repetitions.

Challenge 512

Dia 1: Desafio

Corrida de patinação de velocidade

speed skater process 600

Count how many speed skaters you can do in 60 seconds.

Rest for 60 seconds.

Em seguida, fique em uma linha (corda) e pule das seguintes maneiras:

  • 20 para a frente / para trás
  • 20 lado a lado

Complete duas rodadas.

Vá mais difícil: Faça mais rodadas.

Explore 512

Dia 1: Explorar

Put on kindness and compassion

Read Colossians 3:12 from the Bible.

In this letter Paul gives the believers some very practical and valuable wisdom on how to live for Christ in community with others. Attractive qualities such as kindness and humility come from Jesus. We need to wear them like clothes.

What does this verse tell us about how God sees us?

We are chosen, holy and loved. God has set us apart to live and behave as Jesus did and grow more and more like Him each day. Developing Jesus’ character is like putting on clothing.

Put on two pieces of clothing (for kindness and compassion) as you talk about what this could look like for each of you this week.

It can be hard to show these qualities but thankfully we have Jesus’ help each day.

Converse com Deus: Think of people who need to know God’s compassion and kindness today. Draw two shirts and label them COMPASSION and KINDNESS. Write down the people’s names. Pray for them now.

Play 512

Dia 1: Jogar

Formigas num tronco

Everyone stands on a ‘log’ (a line, low wall or a bench). The goal is to reverse your order on the log without anyone falling off. Work together so everyone is successful. Set a timer.

Refletir: What helped you be successful?

Dica de saúde para viver muito

Get outdoors and enjoy nature.

Warm up 512

Dia 2: Aquecimento

Toques de mão

Fique em pé em uma posição de flexão de frente para um parceiro. Tente tocar as mãos da outra pessoa enquanto protege as suas.

Quantos toques você pode fazer em 60 segundos?

Descansem e conversem juntos.

Talk about times when you need to be gentle.

Vá mais fundo: Find examples of famous people who showed humility or gentleness.

Move 512

Dia 2: Mover

Patinadores de velocidade

speed skater process 600

Pratique patinadores de velocidade. Cada vez que seu pé se aproximar, tente alcançá-lo e tocá-lo com a mão oposta. Comece devagar e aumente a velocidade e a fluência.

Do 10. Rest and do 20. Rest again and do 30.

Vá mais difícil: Aumente o número de repetições para 40, 50 ou 60.

Challenge 512

Dia 2: Desafio

20, 15, 10 e 5

Comece com 'high fives', depois faça:

  • 20 polichinelos
  • 15 investidas
  • 10 flexões
  • 5 agachamentos

Termine com 'high fives'.

Faça três rodadas sem descanso entre eles.

Vá mais fácil: Do 10, 8, 6 and 4.

Explore 512

Dia 2: Explorar

Put on humility and gentleness

Read Colossians 3:12.

Are you good at listening to the advice of your parents, friends, or coaches?

Listening to others to learn from them shows we are growing in humility, rather than thinking we know everything.

Put on the clothing you wore for the first session and add two more pieces for ‘humility’ and ‘gentleness’. Hold a family arm wrestling competition.

Talk together about ways to speak up which demonstrate humility and gentleness. This is being quietly strong.

Read about sailing and Lawrence Lemieux.

Converse com Deus: Each person draws a picture of themselves. Place them together and write the five words from Colossians 3:12 around your family. As you add color to your photo, pray for each other.


Canadian sailor, Lawrence Lemieux, was competing in a sailing race in the 1988 Olympics in South Korea when the seas got very rough. Lemieux was out in front of the race with another boat when he saw that one of his competitors had capsized and was in danger of drowning. He changed course, helped rescue the sailors, and then resumed the race. It cost him time. He couldn’t win a medal and crossed the finish line in 11th place. By putting others first, he lost the race, but he showed the best attributes of an athlete. He chose compassion and kindness over winning.

Officials said, “By your sportsmanship, self-sacrifice, and courage you embody all that is right with the Olympic ideal.”

Como essa história o inspira a correr sua própria corrida?

How can your family develop in this area?

Play 512

Dia 2: Jogar

Roubar o ninho

Coloque várias bolas ou pares de meias por pessoa em um recipiente no meio. Deve haver uma distância igual de todos os jogadores. Cada pessoa também tem um 'ninho' (pequeno recipiente) à sua frente. Defina um cronômetro para cinco minutos.

On “go” everyone runs to the middle and grabs one item for their nest. Continue until all the ‘treasure’ is gone. Players can steal one item at a time from each other’s nests but cannot defend their own. The person with the most ‘treasure’ in their nest at the end of two minutes wins.

Refletir: What qualities does this game bring out in the players?

Dica de saúde para viver muito

Get outdoors and enjoy nature. Go for walks, swim, run, do gardening, or enjoy a local wilderness.

Warm up 512

Dia 3: Aquecimento

Mova-se para a música

Coloque alguma música favorita. Repita esses movimentos até que a música termine:

  • 10 correndo no local
  • 5 agachamentos
  • 10 correndo no local
  • 5 agachamentos com palmas acima da cabeça

Descansem e conversem juntos.

What do you find it hard to wait for?

Vá mais fundo: When have you seen a sportsperson show patience?

Move 512

Dia 3: Mover

Patinadores de velocidade obstáculo

speed skater process 600

Faça patinadores de velocidade com um objeto como uma corda ou livro no chão que você tem que pisar. Faça os patinadores de velocidade suaves e aumente a velocidade.

Do 20. Rest and then do 20 again.

Faça três rodadas.

Vá mais difícil: Faça mais rodadas ou mais rápido.

Challenge 512

Dia 3: Desafio

Global speed skater challenge

speed skater process 600

How many speed skaters can your family do in 90 seconds?

Each family member does as many speed skaters as they can in 90 seconds. Combine the scores for the family total.

CLIQUE AQUI para inserir sua pontuação familiar.

CLIQUE AQUI para olhar a tabela de classificação semanal para ver o progresso do seu país.

Que nação será nossa campeã

Explore 512

Dia 3: Explorar

Put on patience

Put on your four pieces of clothing and add one more.

Read Colossians 3:12.

Set a timer for 1 minute and wait in silence as you think about times you or your friends have gone through challenges which test your patience. Talk about these times.

Did anything help? What did you/they learn? While feelings of frustration may arise, these are also opportunities to learn life lessons.

Converse com Deus: We all need patience. Pray and ask God for help to grow in this area.

Play 512

Dia 3: Jogar

Passeio em família

Is there a place you have wanted to go and explore as a family? If you can, take a walk together and as you go talk about what you have learned this week. Which virtue is hardest for you to put on? Which is the easiest? Choose one you want to work on this week. Pick up a rock or something from nature that will be a reminder of your walk together.

Dica de saúde para viver muito

Be a good model in spending time outdoors for your kids. Plant vegetables in a garden together. Keep a local wilderness free from rubbish. Go for walks regularly and notice how seasons change.

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