Growing Together

Week 9: Is my life a good example?

Getting started

Help your family to be active this week with three fun sessions:

  • Involve everyone – anyone can lead!
  • Adapt for your family
  • Encourage each other
  • Challenge yourselves
  • Don’t exercise if it causes pain

Share with others:

  • Post a photo or video on social media and tag with #familyfit or @familyfitnessfaithfun
  • Do with another family
Warm up 512

Day 1: Warm-up

Follow the leader

Go for a short jog around the house or yard while everyone follows a chosen leader. Try to go to every room or space. The leader can change movements – side steps, high knees, and so on. Swap leaders.

Play Video

Rest and chat briefly.

Who do you look up to as a good example or model?

Go deeper: What makes them good examples? Are they perfect?

Move 512

Day 1: Move

Push-ups against a wall

wall push ups 900

Stand with arms stretched out towards a wall. Lean forwards, place palms on the wall, bend elbows and push back to standing position.

Start slowly and carefully.

Complete 10 repetitions.

Go easier: Stand closer to the wall.

Go harder: Place feet further from the wall or increase repetitions.

Challenge 512

Day 1: Challenge


Listen to the Tabata music.

Play Video

Do each movement for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest:

  • Lunges
  • Speed skaters
  • Squats
  • Push ups against a wall

Repeat this sequence. Do eight rounds.

Go harder: Increase the number of repetitions in 20 seconds

Explore 512

Day 1: Explore

A good example adds flavor to others

Read Matthew 5:13-16 from the Bible.

Jesus teaches that when we believe in Him we should make a difference to those around us.


Get some salt and taste it. Try a food such as popcorn without salt and then with salt. Why do we use salt with our food? What did Jesus mean when He said “You are the salt of the earth”? Decide on one way you can each add flavor to your day.

Write the name of one person who has been a good example to you on a piece of paper. Put it in a bowl, sprinkle salt on it, and thank God for them and the way they have inspired you to be a good example to others.

Fun fact: An adult human body contains about one cup of salt!

Play 512

Day 1: Play

Blindfolded food tasting

Have one person pick five mystery foods. Blindfold one or more family members and ask them to guess what each food is. See who can identify the most foods correctly.

Health Tip

Eat well.

Warm up 512

Day 2: Warm-up

Wheelbarrow and inchworm

Wheelbarrow: Work with a partner. Walk 10 meters then swap places.

Inch worm: Bend at the waist and place your hands on the floor. Walk your hands out until you're in a plank position with a flat back. Then walk your feet as close to your hands as you can.

Repeat for 10 meters. Do three rounds.

Play Video

Rest and talk together.

What different ways do we use light?

Go deeper: What happens when there is no light or low light?

Move 512

Day 2: Move

Knee push-ups

knee push up process

Start in plank position with knees on the ground. Keeping a straight back, lower your body by bending your arms so your chest touches the ground. Push back up to the starting position.

Complete two sets of 10 repetitions. Rest for 30 seconds between sets.

Go easier: Push up against a wall.

Go harder: Increase the number of repetitions.

Challenge 512

Day 2: Challenge

Push-up ball challenge

Line up in the push-up position with knees on the ground. Place a ball at the end of the row. The first person does a push-up and then passes the ball to the next person. Continue along the line for one minute and see how many times you can get the ball down and back.

Do three rounds. Rest for one minute between rounds.

Play Video

Go harder: Do push-ups with feet on the ground.

Explore 512

Day 2: Explore

A good example is a light to others

Read Matthew 5:13-16.

Sit in a circle and place a light such as a candle or flashlight in the center. Each person draws a source of light on a piece of paper and places it around the light in the center.

Jesus said “You are the light of the world”. How does having Jesus as your center light help you to be an example to others?

Draw a picture of your family and place it in the center with the light. Pray that Jesus would help your family to be an example to others.

Play 512

Day 2: Play

Blindfolded follow the leader

Choose one person to be the leader. Place blindfolds on everyone else and stand in a line behind the leader with hands on the shoulders of the person in front. The leader walks around the house or yard for two minutes. Make it fun by going around corners and walking over obstacles. Take turns to lead.

Health Tip

Eat well.

Eat more vegetables than meat or sweet treats.


Warm up 512

Day 3: Warm-up

Get moving

Warm up with the video or put on some favorite music and do the following for two minutes:

  • Walking on the spot
  • Leg stretches
  • Side stretches
  • Squat with torso twist
Play Video

Take turns to name some of the good qualities of each person in the family.

Go deeper: Is my life making a difference in other people’s lives?

Move 512

Day 3: Move


dad doing push ups
push up
dad doing push ups

Start in plank position with feet on the ground. Keeping a straight back, lower your body by bending your arms so your chest touches the ground. Push back up to the starting position.

Complete three sets of 10 repetitions. Rest 30 seconds between sets.

Go easier: Do less repetitions or push from wall or knees.

Challenge 512

Day 3: Challenge

Push-up challenge

wall push ups 900
knee push ups
push up

Do 100 push-ups as a family.

Go easier: Do 80 push-ups.

Go harder: Do 150 or 200 push-ups.

Explore 512

Day 3: Explore

Good deeds point to God

Read Matthew 5:13-16.

Ask one another “What good deeds can you do”?

How does doing good deeds make you feel?

What does Jesus say about the purpose of our good deeds?

Brainstorm some ideas for good deeds you could do as a family that will bring glory to God. Plan to do one of them this week.

Play 512

Day 3: Play

Jump in, jump out

Stand in a circle holding hands with a leader in the middle who gives instructions.

First round – the leader says “jump in” and everyone shouts the action and does it at the same time. Repeat with jump out, jump right and jump left.

Second round – everyone says and does the opposite to what the leader says (for example, shout and jump out when the leader says “jump in”).

Third round – everyone does the action the leader says, but shouts out the opposite.

Play Video

Health Tip

Eat well.

Try to eat together as a family at least once a day.

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