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Run to the finish!

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Наблюдайте за семьей. Выполните пять шагов


Помогите своей семье вести активный образ жизни на этой неделе с помощью трех увлекательных занятий:

  • Вовлекайте всех - руководить может любой!
  • Адаптируйте для своей семьи
  • Поощряйте друг друга
  • Испытайте себя
  • Не занимайтесь спортом, если это причиняет боль

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  • Разместите фото или видео в социальных сетях и отметьте их тегами #familyfit или @familyfitnessfaithfun
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Warm up 512

1 день: Разогрев

Разминка углов

Обозначьте углы комнаты цифрами 1-4. Каждый человек начинает с другого угла и выполняет разную разминку. Двигайтесь по комнате к следующему номеру. Сделайте два круга.

  1. 10 прыгунов
  2. 10 бег на месте
  3. 10 mountain-climbers
  4. 10 приседаний

Отдохните и поговорите вместе.

What race / competition would you love to win?

Идти глубже: What lessons do you learn from a race whether you win or lose?

Move 512

1 день: Двигаться

Горные альпинисты

mountain climber process 900

Put hands and feet on the ground and keep your whole body straight like a plank. Move one knee up towards your elbows and then move foot back to the starting position. Repeat with other leg.

Do 30 repetitions. Build speed and fluency.

Идти усерднее: Complete two rounds.

Challenge 512

1 день: Вызов

Who is faster?


Measure the total time it takes for every person to complete 10 of each of the following movements:

  • 10 mountain-climbers
  • 10 приседаний
  • 10 push-ups
  • 10 lunges

After each 10 movements, tap out for the next person to take over.

Идти проще: Do five of each movement.

Идти усерднее: Увеличить количество раундов.

Explore 512

1 день: Проводить исследования

Run to the finish

Read 2 Timothy 4:7-8 from the Bible.

Looking back on his life, Paul is confident he has done what God has asked of him. He now looks forward to receiving his heavenly reward. Our encouragement comes from knowing that we too can receive this reward if we keep the faith throughout our own ‘race’.

Set up an obstacle course in your home, garden or public space using everyday items. After you’ve each had a turn, talk about which bits you found easy or more difficult and why.

Give each other advice on how to improve. Have another go and see if you can apply what you learned.

What do you think Paul learned on his life ‘race’ by keeping the faith?

Why might keeping the faith be important in our race of life?

Беседа с Богом: Pray for God’s help to keep the faith and finish the race.

Play 512

1 день: Играть

What do you know?

Give everyone a pen and paper.

Play three rounds. Give as many answers as you can in 45 seconds for each round:

Different sports

Things you might find at a sports competition

Things you know about God

Share your responses.

The winner is the person with the most correct answers.

Отражать: Which round was easier? Why? What did you discover about God?

Совет по здоровью для долгой жизни

Keep your mind active by learning new things.

Warm up 512

День 2: Разогрев

Упасть на землю

Выполняя это упражнение, бегайте по комнате или двору.

Один человек - лидер. Когда лидер выкрикивает такую часть тела, как локоть, колено, спину или ухо, каждый должен положить эту часть тела на землю.

Отдохните и поговорите вместе.

Why do people like to win?

Идти глубже: What is the best prize you could give someone?

Move 512

День 2: Двигаться

Twisted mountain-climbers

Perform 10 ‘twisted’ mountain-climbers. Try and reach the right knee toward the left arm, and then the left knee toward the right arm. Start slowly, then increase speed and fluency.

Do three rounds.

Идти усерднее: Increase the number of rounds or do the mountain-climbers faster.

Challenge 512

День 2: Вызов

family.fit finale

Complete the season with a challenge that includes all we’ve learned!
In pairs complete these movements as fast as possible, but with good technique:

20 seconds of planks and superman

20 burpees, dips, speed skaters, lunges, push-ups, sit-ups, mountain-climbers, squats.

Do three rounds.

Don’t forget to use a timer!

Compare your score to last season.

Explore 512

День 2: Проводить исследования

Know your reward

Read 2 Timothy 4:7-8 again.

Use household items to make a crown. What do you think the word ‘righteousness’ means? Look up a definition.

Why do you think this is a reward Paul is excited about? Talk about what Paul might have done to deserve such a reward.

Place your crown somewhere in your home to remind you of the rewards God gives us when we ‘keep the faith’.

Read about Niel Louw and Elliot Mujaji.

Беседа с Богом: Pray for teamwork, communication, encouragement and deepening faith to be the rewards we seek within our homes and families.

The sprints

There can be more than one winner! Niel Louw and Elliot Mujaji were competitors in the 100 meters. They were competing at the 2000 Sydney Paralympics because they had both suffered arm amputations in electrical accidents when they were younger. As they rebuilt their lives they became good sprinters and rose up in international competition. Niel went into the competition as the favorite but in the heats had a leg cramp, came last in his race, and missed the final. Elliot ran his heat and won. He was ranked third for the final. The final was a photo finish, but Elliot triumphed as the world’s fastest T46 sprinter.

What is most surprising, however, is that while these were important and life defining races in the world’s toughest competition, both men considered that the greatest prize was still to come. They will both be winners in the greatest race of life, finishing with eternity with God as their prize.

Как эта история вдохновляет вас на участие в собственном забеге?

What can your family learn from this?

Play 512

День 2: Играть

The longest line

Divide into two teams. Allow two minutes for everyone to gather 10 objects (clothing, books, shoes, and so on). Each team then has to make the longest line they can with their objects. The objects must touch end to end. Which team can make the longest line?

Can you go even further? What else can you use to make your line longer without running to gather more objects? Be creative!

Совет по здоровью для долгой жизни

Keep your mind active. Keep learning new things: new sports, new ideas, new skills. Read widely. Learn formally or informally. Be intentional and share what you are learning.

Warm up 512

День 3: Разогрев

Собака на свалке

Один человек сидит на полу, выставив ноги вперед и руки в стороны. Остальные перепрыгивают через руку, ноги и вторую руку. Все прыгают по два раунда и меняются местами, так что все могут прыгать.

Отдохните и поговорите вместе.

What’s your favorite memory to share with other people?

Идти глубже: Why do humans need to share what we’ve done or where we’ve been with others?

Move 512

День 3: Двигаться

Mountain-climbers tap-out

mountain climber process 900

Do 10 mountain-climbers and tap out to the next person. Continue until you have completed 100 as a family.

Идти проще: Do five and then tap out to the next person.

Challenge 512

День 3: Вызов

Global mountain-climber challenge

mountain climber process 900

How many mountain-climbers can your family do in 90 seconds?

Each family member does as many mountain-climbers as they can in 90 seconds. Combine the scores for the family total.

КЛИКНИТЕ СЮДА чтобы ввести свой семейный балл.

КЛИКНИТЕ СЮДА чтобы посмотреть на еженедельную таблицу лидеров, чтобы увидеть прогресс своей страны.

Какая нация станет чемпионами нашей family.fit?

Explore 512

День 3: Проводить исследования

Share your experience

Read 2 Timothy 4:7-8.

Why is it important that Paul reminds us his heavenly reward is available to us too?

On cards, sticky notes or slips of paper, write down some simple sentences of encouragement, a scripture verse or a faith experience that you’d like to share with someone. Deliver to a neighbor or friend.

Беседа с Богом: Pray for opportunities to share experiences of faith and the good news with others in your community. Pray they will be open and willing to listen and positively impacted as a result.

Play 512

День 3: Играть

Treasure hunt

Divide this week’s Bible verse, 2 Timothy 4:7-8, into six parts and write each part on a different piece of paper.

One person hides the papers around the house or yard. The rest of the family races to find the papers. Combine the papers to make the verse and say it together.

Совет для родителей

Help kids discover a love of lifelong learning. Show them that you are always learning and growing yourself. Give everyone the chance to share new ideas at meal times and bedtime.

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