Growing Wiser

Appreciating others!

Getting started

Help your family to be active this week with three fun sessions:

  • Involve everyone – anyone can lead!
  • Adapt for your family
  • Encourage each other
  • Challenge yourselves
  • Don’t exercise if it causes pain

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Warm up 512

Day 1: Warm-up

Move to music

Put on some favorite music. Repeat these moves until the music ends:

  • 10 running on spot
  • 5 squats
  • 10 running on spot
  • 5 squats with hand clap above head
Play Video

Rest and talk together.

Talk about a time you got something stuck in your eye. How did it feel? Could you see it yourself?

Go deeper: In what ways do people judge others?

Move 512

Day 1: Move

Slow speed skaters

speed skater process 600

Practice speed skaters to develop leg and core strength. Bend and touch the knee with the opposite hand. Each touch is one repetition. Start slow then increase speed and make the movements fluid.

Play Video

Do six. Rest and do 12. Rest and do 18.

Go harder: Do 6, 12, 18, 24, then 30.

Challenge 512

Day 1: Challenge

Walk like a light

Split into pairs.

One pair walks to a 10 meter mark and back doing lunges. Keep a straight back (like a light) and hold a weight overhead if you can.

For the other pairs, one person lays on their stomach while the other person jumps over and lays on the ground next to them. The first person then stands and jumps over the second. Take turns to move five meters and back. Do four rounds.

Play Video

Go harder: Increase to five rounds.

Explore 512

Day 1: Explore

Don’t judge others

Read Matthew 7:1-5 from the Bible.

Jesus is talking to the crowds about the importance of how we think of ourselves and others.

It’s funny to think of a large plank sticking out of someone’s eye. It would make it very hard to see! These are challenging words. Talk together about what you think the message is. Share all your ideas.

Chat to God: Find a twig for everyone. Each think of one person who others wrongly judge. Ask God to help you get to know them better instead of judging them. Place the twigs in a jar on your table to remind you to keep praying.

Play 512

Day 1: Play

Tangled up

Stand in a circle shoulder to shoulder. Reach out your right hand and take hold of another person’s right hand. Do the same with the left hand. Work together to untangle yourselves, keeping hands connected at all times.

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Health tip

Get enough sleep each day.

Warm up 512

Day 2: Warm-up

Corners warm-up

Label the corners of the room with the numbers 1-4. Each person starts at a different corner and does a different warm-up. Move around the room to the next number. Do two rounds.

  1. 10 jumping jacks
  2. 10 back heels kicking
  3. 10 sit-ups
  4. 10 squats
Play Video

Rest and talk together.

List three things you couldn’t do if you had a large plank in your eye.

Go deeper: Talk about a time you felt unfairly judged by others.

Move 512

Day 2: Move

Toe touch speed skaters

speed skater process 600

Practice speed skaters. Each time your foot comes forward, try to reach and touch it with the opposite hand. Start slowly and then increase speed and fluency.

Do 10 of them. Rest and do 20. Rest again and do 30.

Go easier: Reduce the number of repetitions.

Go harder: Do 10, 20, 30, 40, then 50.

Challenge 512

Day 2: Challenge

Crazy clock

You will need a plastic bottle and signs with the numbers 1 to 12.

Place the numbers on the ground like a clock face and put the bottle in the middle.

Take turns to spin the bottle. The whole family does that number of push-ups or another chosen movement.

Rest if needed, but each family member must say something they appreciate about another family member during the break.

Play for six minutes.

Play Video

Go easier: Only play for three minutes.

Explore 512

Day 2: Explore

Examine yourself first

Read Matthew 7:1-5.

Choose two family members to act out verses 3-5 while another reads it aloud. Have fun!

The plank and the speck are the large and small things that stop us seeing clearly and cause harm to ourselves and others. The religious leaders were doing terrible things, like taxing people so much they couldn’t feed their families. Maybe there is injustice in your country too.

God also wants us to deal with the smaller things, like being selfish. Talk together about some of the large and small things that cause harm in your country, community and family.

Chat to God: Each choose one large or small thing from your conversation to pray about. Have one person start the prayer with “God help us with …” Each family member can say their word in the space. Finish with Amen.

Play 512

Day 2: Play

Kick the can

Make a circle on the ground and put an empty can in the middle. One person guards the can while everyone else tries to kick it out of the circle. If the guard tags someone else before they kick the can, they become the new guard. Players can work together to distract the guard. You win if you kick the can without getting tagged.

Play Video

Health tip

Get enough sleep each day.
It can help to lower your risk of serious health problems such as diabetes and heart disease.

Warm up 512

Day 3: Warm-up

Knee tag

Compete in pairs. Try to touch your opponent’s knees as many times as you can in 60 seconds while you protect your own with your hands and body position. Change partners and try again.

Now go further and try to touch everyone else’s knees while protecting your own.

Play Video

Rest and talk together.

Ask someone with glasses to tell what it was like when they first put them on and could see clearly.

Go deeper: In what ways can we help each other to change in our families? In our communities?

Move 512

Day 3: Move

Obstacle speed skaters

Do speed skaters with an object such as a rope or book on the ground that you have to step over. Make the speed skaters smooth and then increase speed.

Do 20. Rest and then do 20 again. Do three rounds.

Play Video

Go easier: Reduce the number of rounds.

Challenge 512

Day 3: Challenge


Listen to the Tabata music.

In pairs, one person holds a wall sit, while other does as many speed skaters as possible in 20 seconds. Take 10 seconds to switch positions with each other.

Do eight times. Repeat one more time if you wish to beat your personal record.

Play Video
Explore 512

Day 3: Explore

Help others

Read Matthew 7:1-5.

Draw a cartoon to describe the passage. Draw stick figures if you like. Add speech bubbles to show what each person might be saying.

God wants us to help others to change. One of the best ways we can do this is to live by example. We are to be generous, not greedy, and show compassion, not anger.

As a family, think of ways you can live by example. Choose one practical action to do this week. It might be to show generosity by cooking a meal or to show hospitality by inviting a family to play games one evening.

Chat to God: Write or draw a short prayer about your action point. Ask God for help to make this happen. Put your prayer on a wall to remind you to pray often.

Play 512

Day 3: Play

Together we stand

Sit back to back on the floor with a partner. Link your arms together. Now try to stand up while keeping your backs touching and arms linked. Pushing against each other will help.

Play Video

Go harder: Try to pick up objects around the house while linked!

Tip for parents

At the end of each day, take a minute to think about the day. Remind your child about one positive or fun thing they did. Praise yourself for what you did well today too!

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