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Warm up 512

Dia 1: Aquecimento

Hand touches

Stand upright in a push-up position facing a partner. Try to touch the other person’s hands while you are protecting your own.

How many touches can you make in 60 seconds?

Descansem e conversem juntos.

Can you remember something you started – but then gave up? What went wrong?

Vá mais fundo: What advice would you give a friend to encourage them to keep going?

Move 512

Dia 1: Mover

Basic sit-ups

sit up process 900

Lie on your back with legs bent and feet firmly on the floor. Curl your body towards your knees to “sit up”. Return to start position.

Work with a partner. One person does sit-ups while the other holds their feet down. Do five sit-ups and swap places.

Do five rounds.

Vá mais difícil: Increase the number of repetitions to 10.

Challenge 512

Dia 1: Desafio

Aumentando os segundos

increasing the seconds 900

Encontre um relógio e execute os seguintes movimentos para o tempo determinado:

  • 10 segundos - prancha
  • 20 segundos - correndo no lugar com os joelhos altos
  • 30 segundos - agachamentos
  • 40 segundos - urso rastejando pela sala
  • 50 segundos - abdominais
  • 60 segundos - descanso

Faça três rodadas. Compartilhe algumas coisas pelas quais você é grato durante o tempo de descanso.

Explore 512

Dia 1: Explorar

Remember the most important

Read 2 Timothy 3:14-15 from the Bible.

These verses are Paul’s final words of wisdom to Timothy – one of the young leaders he had mentored. If we learn well from trustworthy people we will be able to apply those lessons when we find ourselves under pressure.

Good athletes have to remember what their coach has taught them because they won’t always be there to help. Paul has been Timothy’s ‘coach’, but he knows he might not see Timothy again. He therefore urges Timothy to remember the things he’s learned so that he will stay on track in life.

What do you think Timothy has been learning from Paul about life? About God?

As a family, make a list of ‘important things to remember so we stay on track’.

Converse com Deus: Have each person choose which is the hardest thing on the list for them to remember. Pray for help to keep these things in mind in the week ahead.

Play 512

Dia 1: Jogar

Jump in, jump out

Stand in a circle holding hands with a leader in the middle who gives instructions.

First round – the leader says ‘jump in’ and everyone shouts the action and jumps in. Repeat with other instructions like, ‘jump out’, ‘jump right’ and ‘jump left’.

Second round – everyone says and does the opposite to what the leader says (for example jump out when the leader says ‘jump in’).

Third round – everyone does the action the leader says but shouts out the opposite.

Dica de saúde para viver muito

Move your body every day.

Warm up 512

Dia 2: Aquecimento

Bear shoulder taps

Get down on hands and knees facing a partner. Try to touch your partner’s shoulder with your hand while keeping your ‘bear’ position. Play until someone reaches 11 shoulder taps.

Descansem e conversem juntos.

Who is the best teacher or coach you’ve ever had? What made them so good?

Vá mais fundo: List the different ways we get information. How do we know it’s trustworthy?

Move 512

Dia 2: Mover

Sit-up circle

sit up process 900

Sit in a circle facing each other. Do 50 sit-ups as a family, one by one.

After 25 sit-ups, run as a family to a marker across the room or garden and back. Run to the pace of the slowest runner. Then start sit-ups again.

Vá mais difícil: Increase number of sit-ups.

Challenge 512

Dia 2: Desafio

Sim e não!

Choose a leader and put some music on. Dance or do a movement until the leader says ‘yes’ or ‘no’. When the leader says ‘yes’ everyone does a squat. Go back to dancing. When the leader says ‘no’ everyone does a sit-up. Keep dancing until the leader speaks.

Faça revezes para ser o líder.

Vá mais fácil: Only play for three minutes.

Explore 512

Dia 2: Explorar

Learn from the right people

Read 2 Timothy 3:14-15.

Why is it important to be able to trust those who teach us?

Paul taught Timothy well – as did his grandmother Lois and mother Eunice whom Paul mentions earlier in this letter. What did Paul, Lois and Eunice have in common?

Make another list: ‘People we can trust to teach us well’. Add photos. Talk about what makes each of these people trustworthy.

Read about fencing and Judy Guinness’ lesson in fair play.

Converse com Deus: Thank God for the people on the list. As a family, find a special way to thank each person this week.


Fencing is a combat sport between two players. It is one of five sports which have been featured in every modern Olympics. (The others are athletics, cycling, swimming and gymnastics.)

British fencer, Judy Guinness, was in position to win the individual fencing gold medal against Austria’s Ellen Preis at the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics. Ahead at the end of the final gold medal bout, she reminded the judges of two points which needed to be added to her opponent’s score for touches they had missed. The judges updated the score sheets and announced that Ellen Preis had won the gold medal and Judy Guinness the silver.

Judy Guinness remembered that the foundation of sport is fair play – not just winning. She lost her gold medal but earned respect from everyone.

Como essa história o inspira a correr sua própria corrida?

What can your family learn from Judy Guinness?

Play 512

Dia 2: Jogar

What is this?

Everyone finds an object and sits together in a circle. One person holds their object and asks the person next to them, “What is this?” For example, if it is a water bottle the first person can say, “water bottle”. They then ask the next person, “What is this?” The person responding cannot say the same thing (or use water or bottle). They must come up with another way of describing the object, such as ‘a thirst quencher’. Go around the circle and see how creative you can be. Each person takes a turn with their object.

Dica de saúde para viver muito

Move your body every day. Schedule time to exercise, don’t just leave it to chance. Walking is the best type of movement so plan to make it a normal part of your daily routine.

Warm up 512

Dia 3: Aquecimento

Dance and freeze

Put on some up-tempo music. Everyone dances using their whole bodies. Take turns to stop the music. Everyone freezes when it stops and then does 10 speed skaters (bend and touch knee with opposite hand).

Repeat until everyone is breathing heavily.

Descansem e conversem juntos.

Would you rather be famous or wise or popular or rich? Why?

Vá mais fundo: Think about a wise person you know. What makes them wise?

Move 512

Dia 3: Mover

Sit-ups with rotation

sit up process 900

Lie on your back with legs bent and feet firmly on the floor. Curl your body towards your knees to sit-up then twist to the right and touch the floor with both hands by your right hip. Return to start position and repeat for the left side.

Complete six repetitions, three with a right twist and three with a left twist.

Complete five rounds.

Vá mais fácil: Complete only three rounds.

Challenge 512

Dia 3: Desafio

Global sit-up challenge

sit up process 900

How many sit-ups can your family do in 90 seconds?

Each family member does as many sit-ups as they can in 90 seconds. Combine the scores for the family total.

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Que nação será nossa campeã

Explore 512

Dia 3: Explorar

Where does real wisdom come from?

Read 2 Timothy 3:14-15 from the Bible.

Where can we find wisdom?

Sometimes it’s hard to understand the Bible, but Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit ‘will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said’.

How can we ask Him to help us? Why is it wise to trust Jesus for salvation?

Paul’s advice for staying on track:

  1. Remember the most important things
  2. Learn from the right people
  3. Find wisdom in the Bible.

Converse com Deus: Thank God for giving us His Word – the source of truth for salvation and godly living. Ask the Holy Spirit to bring understanding.

Play 512

Dia 3: Jogar

Sequence memory

Everyone faces a leader who thinks of three or more different workout movements in a sequence (for example, jumping jacks, lunges, jogging). The leader demonstrates the sequence of movements and the others mimic the routine in the right order as quickly as possible. Whoever is first to complete the sequence correctly becomes the next leader.

Vá mais difícil: Include more movements in the sequence.

Dica para pais

Make moving and exercising a regular part of family life. Do it together and make it fun. Start from an early age. Show children your healthy choices.

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