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  • Incentive um ao outro
  • Desafie-se
  • Não faça exercícios se causar dor

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Warm up 512

Dia 1: Aquecimento

Set up a course about 10 meters long.

Do this relay in pairs. One person in each pair does a lap of the course doing a sequence of burpees and long jumps while the other person does superman holds at the start line. Tag and swap places.

Do four to six laps each.

Burpee relay

Descansem e conversem juntos.

Look around you. How many things can you notice that have changed since yesterday?

Vá mais fundo: Who do you try to connect with in a group? Someone like you or someone different? Why?

Move 512

Dia 1: Mover

Chair dips

dip process 900

Dip on a chair by supporting your weight on your arms. Keep feet on the floor.

Do 10 repetitions and rest. Repeat one more time. Rest between rounds.

Vá mais difícil: Increase the number of repetitions or do four rounds.

Challenge 512

Dia 1: Desafio

Circuit challenge

circuit challenge 900

Set up four activity stations around the yard. Each person starts at a different station. Do the following sequence and then rest for 60 seconds. Do three rounds.

  • Five planks down on elbows and up on hands
  • Five superman with swimming arms
  • Five dips
  • Three burpees

Vá mais difícil: Faça cinco rodadas.

Explore 512

Dia 1: Explorar

Jesus welcomes the least deserving

Read Mark 2:13-17 from the Bible.

Four fishermen – Peter, Andrew, James and John – were the first to join Jesus’ team. Now it’s Levi’s turn to decide how to respond when Jesus invites him.


Share together about a time when you were surprised that someone noticed you.

  • What did they say or do? How did you feel?

Jesus was a popular person. Crowds followed Him everywhere. Yet, He stopped to talk with one person: Levi, an unpopular tax collector.

  • How would you have felt if you were Levi?

We all like to be noticed by someone we admire.

Converse com Deus: Thank God that He takes notice of you every day. Ask Him to help you to notice and encourage people who are not in your usual group.

Play 512

Dia 1: Jogar

Help with the basics

Help with the basics

Work in pairs. One person will do a basic task for the other by standing behind them and ‘being their hands’.

Do tasks like brushing hair, cleaning teeth, or washing the face. Afterwards swap places.

What was this like for each person?

Dica de saúde

Durma o suficiente todos os dias.

Warm up 512

Dia 2: Aquecimento

Aquecimento com música

Put on some up-tempo music and do the following:

  • 20 running on the spot
  • 5 agachamentos
  • 20 high knees running
  • 5 jumping jacks

Faça cinco rodadas.

Descansem e conversem juntos.

Who would you invite to a family party? How did you choose who to invite?

Vá mais fundo: Are there people who don’t deserve to be invited? Why? What are your reasons?

Move 512

Dia 2: Mover

Dips with leg raises

leg raises 900

Dip on a chair by supporting your weight on your arms. As you dip, extend one leg off the floor. Alternate legs.

Do 10 repetitions and rest. Repeat.

Vá mais fácil: Decrease the number of repetitions.

Vá mais difícil: Aumenta o número de repetições.

Challenge 512

Dia 2: Desafio

Pista de obstáculos

Configure uma pista de obstáculos. Use o espaço que você tem dentro ou fora (por exemplo, corra para a árvore ou cadeira, salte sobre o caminho ou tapete e assim por diante). Seja criativo! Faça turnos para passar pela pista de obstáculos o mais rápido possível. Cronometre cada pessoa.

Vá mais difícil: Try to do the course in pairs. You must be connected together at all times.

Explore 512

Dia 2: Explorar

Jesus welcomes the unpopular

Read Mark 2:13-17.

Make two lists of people: those the world labels ‘unworthy’ like Levi, and those who are ‘popular’.

  • Why do you think Jesus accepted the invitation to a tax collector’s dinner party?
  • How comfortable did His disciples feel? How comfortable would you feel?

Go back to your invitation list for the family party. Are there any changes to make?

Converse com Deus: Lord help us make everyone feel welcome in our home.

Play 512

Dia 2: Jogar

Grab a partner

Work with a partner. One person wears a blindfold and stands about 10 steps away from their partner. The partner slowly walks towards the blindfolded partner. The blindfolded partner must listen carefully to how close their partner is getting and say ‘stop’ at the right time to grab them.

Dica de saúde

Durma o suficiente todos os dias.

You’ll feel better and be more alert and energetic.

Warm up 512

Dia 3: Aquecimento

Grab the tail

Everyone wears a scarf or small towel as a ‘tail’ tucked in at the back. The goal is to collect as many tails as you can, while protecting your own. If you lose your tail, do five push-ups and continue the game. Have fun!

Descansem e conversem juntos.

Is it easier to find stories of people doing bad things or good things? Why?

Vá mais fundo: On a scale of 1 to 10, how good and deserving are you compared to other people?

Move 512

Dia 3: Mover

Elevated feet dips

elevated chair dips 900

Dip on a chair by supporting your weight on your arms. Find a box or couch or other object to put your feet on so that they are also elevated.

Do 10 repetitions and rest. Repeat.

Vá mais fácil: Do chair dips from Day 1 instead.

Challenge 512

Dia 3: Desafio

Tower challenge

Work in pairs. Find six plastic cups per pair. One person holds superman while the other does five chair dips. After each round place one cup on the floor to build a pyramid tower then swap roles. Do six rounds to build the tower.

Time the teams to compete against each other.

Vá mais difícil: Increase the tower to 10 cups.

Explore 512

Dia 3: Explorar

Jesus shows us who we really are

Read Mark 2:13-17.

Check the health of each person using whatever you have available (thermometer, heart rate, visual check, and so on). Take turns to think about your own health, naming something that is not well in your physical body.

  • How is knowing you’re sick like knowing you are sinful?
  • Who did Jesus say He came to help?

Converse com Deus: Thank you God that you welcome us, even though all of us are broken, sinful and in need of you. Help us to welcome other people the same way.

Play 512

Dia 3: Jogar

Quick topic words

Sit in a circle. Select topics such as cities, countries, names, or objects. Someone goes through the alphabet in their head until someone else says stop.

Take turns to quickly say a word on the topic which starts with the chosen letter. Continue until someone cannot think of a word, then start a new round. Rotate the topics every round.

Make it competitive if you like.

Dica de saúde

Durma o suficiente todos os dias.
It will help you make better decisions and avoid injuries.

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