Week 11: Trust

How this works

As a family, do some physical exercise three days a week (though even once is helpful!). If you can do it more often, then do other types of exercise too – walking, jogging, riding, skating, or swimming.

Each week of family.fit has a theme. The focus this week is trust. Each step below helps you explore the theme together.

Each session is an adventure made up of seven steps.

There are three options for each step, giving three days of exercise programming.

Remember anyone in the household can take the phone and lead a different step in the adventure.

Have fun together!


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Watch the family.fit 7 steps

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1 warmup

Step 1: Warm-up

Start moving the whole body: 5 minutes

Do the following whole-body warm-ups

Day 1 — Corners warm-up

Label the corners of the room with the numbers 1-4. Each person starts at a different corner and does a different warm-up. Move around the room to the next number. Do two rounds.

  • 10 Jumping jacks
  • 10 Butt kicks
  • 10 High plank to low plank
  • 10 Squats

Watch this video.

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Day 2 — Follow the leader

One person is leader for each round. Start by jogging around. The leader says a name and the family must move like this. Mix them up.

Watch this video.

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Mr. Slow – move slowly

Mr. Rush – move fast

Mr. Jelly – shake your whole body

Mr. Muddle – walk backwards

Mr. Bounce – hop around

Mr. Small – crouch and keep moving

Mr. Strong – move flexing your muscles

Mr. Tall – stretch up and move

Mr. Tickle – wave your arms around

Mr. Happy – move and smile

Day 3 — Corners warm-up

Repeat Day 1.

1 warmup

Step 2: Talk together

Rest and start a conversation: 5 minutes

Sit or stand together and start a short conversation. Here are some questions to get you started.

Day 1 — Discuss

It’s very special to have people you can trust. Who would you trust to keep a secret? Who would you trust to help you in trouble? Who would you trust to defend you if other people were giving you a hard time?

Day 2 — Discuss

Have you ever been let down by people you trusted? What did that feel like at the time? What does it feel like now?

Day 3 — Discuss

What makes a group of people trustworthy? Do you think that you’re the kind of family that other families would trust? Why?

1 warmup

Step 3: Move

Move and squat: 5 minutes

Practice squats to develop leg and core strength.

Day 1 — Practice squats

Practice this movement in pairs. Start with 10 squats and take a short rest. Then do rounds of 15, 20 and 25.

Watch this video.

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Day 2 — Scaled squats

Easier version: Sit on a chair and stand up. Do 20 repetitions.

Harder version: Jump Squat – Go down as a regular squat but rise up into a jump. Do 20 repetitions.

Watch this video.

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Day 3 — Squats and planks

Work in pairs. One person does 20 squats while the other stays in a plank position. Alternate between squats and a plank. Complete three rounds.

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1 warmup

Step 4: Challenge

Move in a family challenge: 10 minutes

Challenging each other helps give you energy.

Day 1 — Unity squat

Stand in a circle holding hands.

Complete 10 squats together. Rest for 15 seconds. Repeat.

Complete four rounds if you can. At the end, give a high five to everyone.

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Day 2 — Throw the dice

Find or make a dice. Complete 80 squats as a family (or more). Each person rolls the dice and does that number of squats. Keep a total count.

Day 3 — Tic-tac-toe

Work in two teams. Each team is given a challenge. For example, 10 squats or superman holds. When completed, two people run and place their piece on the tic-tac-toe game. Continue with new challenges.

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1 warmup

Step 5: Explore

Explore the Bible together: 5 minutes

Explore the Life Question – “Who do I trust?” Read Acts 16:25-34

Day 1 — Read and talk

Read the story. What things surprise you? How would you feel as a prisoner in a crowded cell? How would you react when Paul and Silas start singing and praying? Why do you think they still trust God when they have been imprisoned?

Day 2 — Reread and act it out

Choose roles and act out the story. The jailer is terrified when he thinks everyone has escaped. Why did he trust Paul and Silas when he hardly knew them? If someone asked you: ‘What must I do to really live?’, what would you say?

Day 3 — Reread and talk

The jailer and his family put their trust in Jesus. Can you think of some Gospel stories Paul and Silas might have shared about Jesus that convinced them He was trustworthy?

1 warmup

Step 6: Pray

Pray and cool down: 5 minutes

Take time to look outwards and pray for others.

Day 1 — Pray and send a thank you

Thank God for the people you are able to trust. Send them a thank you message so they know you appreciate them.

Day 2 — It might be you!

Some people at your school, workplace, or in your neighborhood may have no one they can turn to when they need help. Pray that they will find a trustworthy person. It might be you!

Day 3 — Celebrate in song

Celebrate the trustworthiness of God by creating a song of thanksgiving. Get contributions from everyone in the family. Record it and send it to a friend or family.

1 warmup

Step 7: Play together

Play games as a family: 5 minutes

Play together in active challenges. Have fun!

Day 1 — Egg race

Make a short obstacle course. In pairs stand with a boiled egg or other small object between your foreheads. Carry it through the course and back (no hands). If you drop it you must restart the race

Day 2 — Trust walk

Work in pairs. One person is blindfolded while the other gives instructions to get to a goal. Put some obstacles out to make it more challenging.

Watch this video.

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Day 3 — Back to back drawing

Sit in pairs back to back. One person has a simple picture and must give instructions to the other to draw it. Don’t show the picture or say what it is.

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